The Augustinians originally came to Ireland about 1275 – 1280.

The Augustinian’s association with Ballyboden began with their purchase of Orlagh in 1872, on what is now Old Court Road, Tallaght.
It was decided to open a student residence on the grounds of St. Catherine’s Ballyboden, which had been the residence of Mr Justice O’Byrne.
Work on the new student residence, dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel, began in 1955 and it continued as a student residence until 1980 when it was then leased to the Eastern Health Board to become a day care centre until December 2015.
It was decided that a smaller house more suited to the needs of the order in Ballyboden should be provided. This house, St. Augustines, was built at the above site, was formally opened in February, 1983 and continues in use today where the parish office is also located.

The Augustinian Order were asked in 1973 to take charge of the newly –formed Parish. Initially the Augustinian student residence on Taylors Lane was used for parish services until the parish then built its own Church dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel. This was opened and blessed by Archbishop Ryan on 4th October 1981.

Augustinian Priests and Brothers who ministered in the parish.

Parish Priests:
Monsignor Leo Sullivan, First Parish Priest.
His main goal during his period as Parish Priest was the building of the Parish Church (opened October 1981) and the reduction of the resulting parish debt.
A dedicated group of canvassers assembled by Monsignor Sullivan and under the direction of an active parish finance group gradually reduced this debt over the years.
Fr Padraig Daly was appointed Parish Priest in 1989. Fr Daly, who previously had been helping in Ballyboden, continued the work of Fr O’Sullivan. The Church was maintained to a high standard and the debt was fully cleared.
Fr Greg Howard was appointed as the third Parish Priest of Ballyboden in 1997. A new Parish Team replacing the Parish Forum was set up in 2001. Fr Howard, together with the team, spearheaded the erection of the new railings and major improvements to the Church Grounds.
Fr. Padraig Daly returned to Ballyboden for a second term as Parish Priest in 2005. He  coordinated a major refurbishment of the Church Sanctuary and interior which after 32 years was now much needed. The refurbishment was completed in 2013. Fr Daly was transferred to John’s Lane in 2013 and was replaced by Fr. Flor O’Callaghan.
Fr Flor O’Callaghan was appointed Parish Priest in September, 2013, having ministered in Dungarvan for the previous 12 years.In 2018 Fr John Hughes was appointed parish priest who retired in April 2024 when Fr Noel Hession took over. 

A number of Augustinian priests were assigned as curates to the Parish and made a major contribution over the years. They included Fr Paddy Ryan OSA, Fr. Peter Haughey OSA, Fr. Tony Egan OSA, Fr Vincent McCarthy OSA, Fr Michael O’Sullivan OSA, Fr David Slater OSA, Fr Niall Coghlan OSA, Fr Pat Farrell OSA, Fr Paddy O’Reilly OSA, Fr Michael Brennock OSA, Fr John Lyng OSA. Fr Dick Lyng OSA, (currently serving) and Fr Noel Hession OSA  who became parish priest on 7th April 2024.

Fr Paddy Ryan OSA merits special mention. He was curate in Ballyboden for so many years that he became known locally as the Pope of Ballyboden. Among his many accomplishments was the founding of the Youth Club with some local men who donated energy and labour.

Priests who assisted.
Many Augustinian priests attached to St Augustines over the years frequently helped in the parish. They included four who were Provincials for a period, Fr Martin Nolan OSA, Fr Tom Cooney OSA, Fr John Byrne OSA, Fr Desmond Foley OSA. They also included Fr Gabriel Daly, OSA, Fr John Gough OSA, Fr David Kelly OSA, Fr Ben O’Donnell OSA, Fr Kieran O’Mahony OSA, Fr John O’Shea OSA and Fr Pat Tinney OSA
Augustinian Brothers.
Bro. Joachim OSA, Sacristan, and Bro.Andrew Caples OSA, St Joseph’s Youth Club made major contributions to the work of the parish.

In Loving Memory
The following have passed away and gone to their eternal reward
Br Andrew Caples OSA, Fr John Gough OSA, Br. Joachim OSA, Fr John OShea OSA, Fr Ben O’Donnell OSA, Fr Paddy Ryan OSA, Fr Pat Tinney OSA, Fr Michael O' Sullivan OSA, Fr. Peter Haughey,  Fr. Francis Ahearne and Fr Gabriel Daly.
Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, pray for them.



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